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Dr. Onesmus K. Ng’etich Publications

Publication in Journals

  1. Ng’etich O.K., J.N. Aguyoh and J.O. Ogweno (2014). The effect of integrated application of farmyard manure and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate on growth and yield attributes of African nightshade (Solanum scabrum Mill.). Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Vol., 02 (02), 158-165. Available online at
  2. Ng’etich*O.K., O.I. Nyamangyoku J.J. Rono A.N. Niyokuri1 J.C. Izamuhaye (2013). Relative performance of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus florida) on agroindustrial and agricultural substrate. International journal of Agronomy and Plant Production. Vol., 4 (1), 109-116. Available online at http://
  3. Ng’etich O.K. A.N. Niyokuri J.J. Rono and J.O. Ogweno (2013). Effect of Different Rates of Nitrogen fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Summer Squash (Cucurbita pepo cv. Diamant L.) Hybrid F1 in Rwandan High Altitude Zone. International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Science, Vol., 5 (1), 54-62. Available online at http://
  4. Ng’etich O.K. J.N. Aguyoh and J. O. Ogweno (2012). Effects of composted farmyard manure on growth and yield of Spider plant (Cleome gynandra). International Journal of Science and Nature (IJSN). Vol. 3 [3] 514 - 520. Available online at
  5. Ng’etich O.K. J.N. Aguyoh and J. O. Ogweno (2012).  Growth, yield and physiological responses of spider plant (Cleome gynandra L.) to calcium ammonium nitrate rates. International Journal of Agronomy and Plant Production (IJAPP). Vol., 3 (9), 346-355. Available online at http://
  6. Rono J. F., Maniriho, O.  Ng’etich and B. Niyonsaba (2012). Effect of Organic Manures on Survival and Growth of Calliandra calothyrsus Seedlings in Gatsibo District, Rwanda. New York Science Journal; 5(11) 128 – 132. Available online at

Presentation of Papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

  1. Ng’etich O.K., Jay B. and Urszula Norton. Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer in Sugarbeet-Bean-barley rotations under conservation Tillage and Limited irrigation. Poster No. 1104. 2015 Annual Meeting. Nov. 15 to 18. Minneapolis, USA.


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