Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Academic Programmes

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Diploma in Horticulture
  • Diploma in Seed Science and Production
  • Diploma in Crop Protection
  • Diploma in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Animal Production and Nutrition

Bachelor`s Programmes

  • Bachelor of Science Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  • Bachelor of Science in Range Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Production and Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology

Master`s Programmes

  • Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Agroforestry
  • Master of Science in Crop Protection
  • Master of Science in Agricultural Resource Management¬†
  • Master of Science in Horticulture

PhD Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Resource Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Protection
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agroforestry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture