Monday, 18 March 2019


The Department of Agricultural Resource Management encompasses several sub-sectors including Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal Science (Range Management, Animal Production and Animal Health), Food technology and Dietetics, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics,  and Agricultural Engineering. It is a faster growing department that forms a sizable part of School of Agriculture.

Extension Services

The department has been involved in several extension services. These include:

  • Training farmers on Tissue culture Banana 2014
  • Participation in 2014 Embu ASK show
  • Training farmers in fish Farming 2015

Additionally, the Department is making a blue print that will enable it train as many farmers in Kenya as possible. ARM intends to curve its position as an agent of transferring information from the lab to the end user.

Department offers proficiency short courses in Research Design, Fish Farming, Poultry farming, Apiculture, and Floriculture among others.

Revolutionizing Agriculture

Transformation of Agriculture from traditional to modern knowledge based approach is one of the main department’s objectives. Agriculture in its current modern form is a business and technological oriented. Therefore, our urgent need is to repackage delivery of Agricultural services to deliberately make it one of the core applied science. To realize this Modern Biotechnological tools that includes omics such as Genomics, proteomics, Metabolomics have been included.  Additional effort has been made to integrate ICT into Agricultural teaching. This will enable the Department to enhance the component of Agricultural Information system. As a way of analysis of organisms of Agricultural importance, the department has made effort to enhance the training of Bioinformatics. This will enable scholars in this area to acquire information from major databases such as: